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At some time in their lives, some women are faced with making a decision they never expected to make. This choice may be straightforward for some, for others the decision may be quite difficult, perhaps the most difficult they will ever make. Our doctors and staff respect the individual and private choice of every woman and are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for those women seeking termination of pregnancy.

The key goal of pregnancy counselling is to encourage you to make your own personal decision and feel comfortable with the decision you have made. Counselling is also designed to limit regret and long-term psychological consequences by exploring alternatives and resolving ambivalence.

If you decide to terminate a pregnancy, the operative procedure will be explained, including possible complications and after care. If you decide to continue with the pregnancy you should see your local doctor or local hospital for antenatal care, and if needed see a social worker at your local hospital.

Other goals of counselling include providing contraceptive education, to provide a supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere that allows you to explore your feelings about your pregnancy, to provide emotional support for your decision, and to examine the factors that are involved in the decision making process.

Please be aware that in your endeavours to access independent pregnancy options counselling you may be exposed to deceptive ‘counselling’ services. Many use misleading advertising techniques, such as using deliberately obscure organisation names that lead women to think they will receive genuine all-options counselling.

Please ring us if you would like advice in this area.

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