Sydney Abortion Clinic

The Gynaecology Centres Australia operations a Sydney abortion clinic, located on McMhaon St in Hurtsville which offers first trimester termination services, as well as general gynaecology and reproductive health services and advice.

Our mission is to provide safe, legal and non-judgmental pregnancy termination to women, and offer reliable and effective contraception. Our policy is to provide comprehensive, concise and unbiased information to a woman considering termination of pregnancy.

Sydney Abortion Services

Gynaecology Centres Australia offer a wide range of services and support to customers, and our Sydney abortion clinic offers the below services to customers.

Sydney abortion - Woman thinking on couch.

How to book an appointment at our Sydney abortion clinic?

To make a confidential booking enquiry with our Sydney Abortion Clinic, please use the form below. If you have an questions, or need any more information you can contact us here or call us in business hours on (02) 6299 5559.

Booking Form

  • Please make sure you enter a valid phone number as your appointment cannot be confirmed until we speak with you.
Suite 20, 4th Floor, 33 MacMahon Street, Hurstville, Southern Sydney, NSW 2220