Understanding the new HPV vaccine

The new HPV vaccine is available in Australia as part of the National Immunisation Program (NIP). The new nonavalent human papillomavirus is available as a two-dose schedule and replaces the old three-dose quadrivalent vaccine. Parents of girls and boys in the 12-13 age bracket will now be able to…

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Tasmanian Abortion Clinics

Federal Labor has pledged $1 million towards funding a public abortion clinic. The move follows the closure of a Tasmanian abortion clinic, forcing women to travel interstate to receive surgical abortions. After the recent closure of an abortion clinic, the funds will help build a stand-alone…

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Changes to Pap Smear Testing

There’s good news for women as the biennial pap smear is being phased out in favour of a new test capable of detecting the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the virus responsible for over 99 percent of cervical cancers. Cervical cancer is the number one killer of women in the world, with more than 800…

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Irregular Bleeding on Contraception - Gynaecology Centres Australia

Management of Irregular Bleeding in Women on Contraception

While it’s quite normal for many women to experience menstrual bleeding when they have reached the end of a packet of birth control pills or other hormonal contraceptive methods, some women may notice irregular or breakthrough (uterine) bleeding. Other birth control methods may also cause…

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Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives - Gynaecology Centres Australia

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs)

Condoms and the birth control pill are the most widely used forms of contraception, but not completely reliable. Pills can be forgotten, and condoms can break. However, they are both reasonably accessible, cheap, easy to come by, and using them is a relatively minor decision when compared to the…

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Maybe Pregnant? Check your options - Gynaecology Centres Australia

You may be pregnant? Things to consider…

The idea that you may be pregnant, unplanned pregnancy or not, can produce a flurry of thoughts and emotions that cascade through your mind all at once. Pregnancy scares can be confronting, especially if you have been taking precautions, but perhaps the biggest concern for most women is about what…

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Unplanned pregnancy - Making a decision

Unplanned pregnancy and making the right choice for you

Unplanned Pregnancy - Making a Decision For many, this is not an easy decision. There are countless factors that need to be considered. If you’re feeling daunted and don’t really know where to start, assessing your situation and trying to remain objective, in what can be a very emotional time, is a…

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Pregnancy Dates - GCAUS Australia

Calculating Your Pregnancy Dates

The most commonly known symptom of pregnancy is when a woman misses a period or is ‘late.’ Some women just ‘know’ and can sense that their body has changed, others have no symptoms at all and do not find out until they are well into gestation. When a woman becomes pregnant, her menstrual cycle (the…

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The History Of Abortion Laws in Austalia

The History of Abortion Laws in Australia

The history of abortion laws in Australia is complicated and, quite often, very confusing. The main cause for confusion is the fact that in each Australian state there is a different law for abortion. Abortion laws in Australia were originally based on 19th century British criminal prohibitions. It…

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Abortion Laws - State by State

Abortion Laws – A State by State Guide

ABORTION LAW IN AUSTRALIA For a long time the issue of abortion has caused much controversy both in Australia and the world over. The fact that it is considered legal in some Australian states and approached differently in others further creates confusion over the matter. It can very easily become…

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