Sedation for IUD at No Extra Cost – GCA’s Unique Approach

Understanding Pain Management & Sedation Options in IUD Insertion Among the many women’s health services we are proud to offer at Gynaecology Centres Australia (GCA) a long-acting reversible contraception to help prevent unwanted pregnancy, called an intrauterine device, otherwise known as IUD…

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Doctor discussing abortion options with patient

Support for a National Abortion Fund in the Budget

Australia’s federal government is under increasing pressure to increase access to essential women’s health services, including calls for a national abortion fund to be included in the federal budget. Women are entitled to sexual and reproductive healthcare services as a basic human right. Those who…

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Woman seeking reproductive healthcare

Universal Access to Reproductive Healthcare

By no later than May 11, 2023, we expect to learn the outcome of a Senate inquiry into reproductive healthcare in Australia.  The first of its kind in this country, the broad and historic Australian government Senate inquiry will primarily focus on existing inequalities in contraception and…

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Abortion travel bans - woman going through customs.

Abortion History & Travelling

In June 2022, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. Almost 50 years after abortion was legalized across the USA, abortions were instantly banned in at least fifteen states and access has been compromised significantly in many, many more. This upheaval in US abortion laws has far wider…

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Woman taking medication for at home abortion

At Home Abortions are Now Permanent in England & Wales

From 30 August 2022, at home abortions were permanently legalised for women in England and Wales. This change is a huge step forward for women’s health and improved access to medical care in these countries. What is an At Home Abortion? An at home abortion, teleabortion, or medical abortion is an…

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Roe V Wade Overturned - Australia Reaction

Roe v Wade Overturned – Australia Reacts

Roe v Wade Overturned. How has Australia reacted to the controversial decision? Even though an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in the USA, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade in late June 2022, repealing laws set in place 50 years ago. This was…

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Roe Vs Wade - US Court Updates

Roe vs Wade – US Court Case Updates

In truly appalling news for American women, the first days of May 2022 saw the leak of a secret draft of a US Supreme Court ruling to overturn and reverse the constitutional right to abortion for women in the USA. Political journalism company Politico published a piece on May 3rd which suggested…

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Chlamydia Treatment and Antibiotics

Chlamydia Treatment – Presumptive Antibiotics Leading to Over-Treatment

Antibiotics are among the greatest advances in medicine over the last century, but how do they relate to chlamydia treatment. Yet not every antibiotic is suitable for treating every type of bacterial infection – and it’s now a well-known fact that antibiotics should not be prescribed for…

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NT Abortion Law Reform

Abortion Laws – NT Law Reform

Late 2021 saw a positive development in Australian legislation and women’s medical rights when Northern Territory laws were passed to better facilitate access to later-term abortions. Currently, one percent of abortions in the Northern Territory occur after 20 weeks, due to the identification of a…

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Surgical Abortions Newcastle NSW - GCAUS

GCAUS – The Only Private Provider of Surgical Abortions in Newcastle

GCAUS is now the only private provider of surgical abortions in Newcastle. In June 2021, a previous provider of surgical abortion in Newcastle, Marie Stopes announced that it would be closing its regional clinics in three Queensland locations as well as in Newcastle, NSW, and transitioning those…

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