Doctors Losing Faith in Cervical Register

In what can only be seen as a disturbing development for women, GPs and other specialist doctors have recently reported issues with the National Cervical Register within Australia. These issues have led to many medical professionals losing faith in the incentive, due to missing details including…

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Two Abortion Centres Close for Surgical Abortions

In the past eighteen months, two Adelaide centres have ceased offering surgical abortion services. This has, understandably, resulted in considerable concern within the community about the impact of this decision on women who are seeking care and surgical abortions in South Australia. South…

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The Medical Abortion Drug

Schoolies 2019 is about to be here, when this year’s cohort of school leavers celebrate the end of their final secondary school exams. Young people aged 17 and 18 descend en-masse to places like the Gold Coast and Byron Bay – most of them enjoying their first real vacation on the cusp of adulthood…

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Abortion Decriminalised in NSW

On October 2, 2019, NSW Parliament finally passed a bill decriminalising abortion in this state, bringing NSW legislation in line with other states in Australia. The bill cleared the final legislative hurdle on the morning of October 3, 2019, after prolonged debate in both houses of parliament,…

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Chlamydia Vaccine

Vaccines save lives. The release onto the market of the HPV vaccine has been a game-changer for women as well as men, protecting against sexually-transmitted Human Papilloma Virus infections which can lead to cancers including cervical cancer. Now we are also a step closer to having access to a…

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Colposocy Referrals - Cervical Screening

Colposcopy Referrals Triple with Improved Cervical Screening

Australian doctors are reporting a dramatic increase in colposcopy referrals, the numbers of which are swamping the public health system. Many of these women are now being forced to either face long waiting periods for the public health system or opt to go private to be seen sooner. Colposcopy is a…

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Legal Abortion

Push to Overturn “Grey Area” in NSW Abortion Laws Has Been Passed

In extremely encouraging news to date, the push to overturn the “grey area” in abortion laws in NSW has been passed in the NSW State Parlaiment Lower House. The historic bill, which aims to decriminalise abortion in NSW to bring the state into line with abortion law in Queensland and Victoria, was…

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Abortion Ads pulled from Google

Abortion Advertisements Pulled from Google – Without Explanation

In June 2019, Google removed paid advertisements relating to abortion in Australia – without any explanation for doing so. As such, paid ads for Australian abortion clinics on Google were blocked for more than a week. Like other businesses, including those operating in the health and medical…

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Canada Flag on a clear blue sky

Canada Pledges USD $1 Billion To Improve Women’s Health In Developing Countries

The USA has, under the government of President Donald Trump, withdrawn from funding programs that support and promote women’s health and access to legal abortion in developing countries. In light of the current climate within many US states regarding abortion, this comes as no surprise. While we…

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American Abortion Laws - Judge's Gavel

American Abortion Laws

American abortion laws have been prominent in the news recently, and for all the wrong reasons. Thanks to right-wing, ultra-conservative extremist-Christian leadership in Alabama, the state (with all legislative voters being men, with a single exception) unanimously approved legislation in May…

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