The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that an estimated 21.6 million unsafe abortions took place worldwide in 2008.  Unlike abortion services available in Australia almost all of these took place in developing countries, where abortion laws are restricted or safe abortion services are not widely accessible or are of poor quality. Woman may attempt to self-induce an abortion or resort to unskilled providers, risking serious consequences to their health and well-being.

Often there is a lack of immediate intervention if an emergency develops and there is failure to provide post abortion check-up, care, and contraceptive counselling to prevent repeat unwanted pregnancy. There is also reluctance for some women to seek timely medical care of complications because of legal restrictions and social and cultural beliefs linked to abortion.

In Australia around 80,000 women have a surgical abortion every year.  Unlike developing countries abortion is one of the safest and most common types of surgical procedure in Australia.

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