You have most likely heard about My Health Record recently in the news or from your local doctor. In a society that is ever more technologically connected, it is a way for your medical records to be accessed quickly and securely online from any computer and device that has an internet connection.

According to Australian Government Policy, every Australian will automatically receive a My Health Record unless you actively opt out before 15th November 2018.

Many people have some concerns about My Health Record, which we aim to address here.

What is My Health Record?

My Health Record is an Australian Government program which provides an online record and summary of your personal medical information, which is available Australia-wide even if you move or are vacationing interstate.

Your My Health Record collates health information from your health care providers, Medicare, and you. It can include details of your medical conditions, medications, treatments, surgeries, allergies, immunisation history, scan and test results, and other medical procedures.

This record can be accessed and added to by health professionals in emergency departments, medical centres, hospitals, pharmacies, by pathologists and imaging centres, as well as information directly from Medicare. You can also add information yourself, including current medications, emergency contact details, allergy information, Indigenous status, Veteran status, and more.

At this stage, My Health Record information and access are kept safe and secure by the Cyber Security Centre, part of the Australian Digital Health Agency.

In the case of a medical emergency, where there is a serious threat to your life, safety, or health, emergency access may be provided even if you have restricted access to your My Health Record. This will provide access to information relating to allergies, medications you require, and your immunisation history.

My Health Record at Gynaecology Centres Australia

Here at Gynaecology Centres Australia, we value patient confidentiality very highly, and we understand that not all information should be available to just any medical professional. There are some aspects of your health and medical history that are not relevant to other health providers, even in an emergency situation.

Due to the sensitive nature of our work at this clinic, we have decided not to upload any details of your visit to us into your My Health Record. This is a decision we have taken as part of our strong commitment to your confidentiality and your right to control who has access to your private information.

However, there are certain elements of your visit to our clinic that may be uploaded automatically into your My Health Record. This is not by us, but by:

  • Medicare (such as medical services provided by us which are subsidised by Medicare, as well as the details of subsidised medication prescriptions)
  • Pathology providers (such as test results ordered by us or by another doctor)
  • Radiography, Sonography, or Nuclear Imaging companies (such as reports of ultrasounds done outside our clinic)

Controlling Your Own Information

You can ultimately control which information is shared with your My Health Record by others. You can choose to:

  • Opt-out of having a My Health Record before 15 November 2018. You will require your driver’s license/passport and Medicare card to complete this process. (As a parent, you can also opt out on behalf of your minor children) click here to opt-out.
  • Cancel your My Health Record at any time. Click here to cancel.
  • Remove certain information from your My Health Record. Click here to remove info.
  • Block or restrict access to all or part of your My Health Record. Click here to block.

The access to your information is in your own hands.

For More Information

Contact us at Gynaecology Centres Australia today if you wish to receive further advice relating to My Health Record or any other women’s health issue. We offer women full support, empathy, and confidentiality with the highest standard of care provided by experienced medical professionals. Please contact us and find information regarding a clinic near you.

For further information on My Health Record, please visit or call 1800 723 471.