In important news and a great step forward for all Australians, the Australian Parliament implemented crucial changes to My Health Record laws as from February 4, 2019. These new laws promise Australians aged between fourteen and seventeen years much stronger privacy protections, which is of critical importance for ensuring young people of this age group seek and access the health care they require.

What is My Health Record?

My Health Record is an online resource that summarises a person’s fundamental health information. It incorporates information including, but not limited to, medical conditions, allergies, medications, immunisation status, and test results in a single record. This information may be accessed securely online by its owner as well as by registered healthcare providers involved in their care. Access is available anywhere and anytime, on any internet-connected device throughout Australia.

According to Australian law, having a My Health Record in no way affects patient confidentiality.

Manage your Record from Age 14

For Australians aged fourteen years and over, the new laws relating to My Health Record mean that you can manage your record from age 14. It also means that parents no longer have access to their child’s record unless their child expressly chooses to invite them to be their nominated representative. At age eighteen, any record under the control of a parent will automatically revert to its owner.

In effect, upon the implementation of these laws, all authorised representatives for minors aged fourteen and over were removed from their records on February 4 2019.

A minor can elect from age 14 to implement their My Health Record if their parent had previously chosen for them to not have a record; conversely, a minor from this age can also elect to opt out of their existing record if they so wish.

My Health Record: Practical Information

To manage your own record from age 14, follow these steps:

  1. Create a MyGov account, or sign into your existing MyGov account.
  2. Verify your identity. You will need to provide your name, address, gender, date of birth and Medicare number to do so. You may also be required to answer some specific questions about the timing of your last doctor’s or medical visit.
  3. Access My Health Record and set it up.
  4. Alternatively, call 1800 723 471 for the Help Line.

Managing one’s own My Health Record allows you to select which information is included within the record and who has access to it.

For Australians under age 14, My Health Record can be managed by themselves as long as a court or healthcare provider provides a signed letter stating that they are a “mature minor” and are capable of managing their own health and medical affairs.

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