It seems Sydney teenagers head to cyber space for sex education instead of relying on lessons or their parents.  In fact the trend is Australia wide.

A survey by condom maker Durex found that one in four Australians younger than 25 say sex education lessons are inadequate. Instead just over 50% say they get their information from the internet, favouring discussion forums or social networking sites. Another 36% turn to friends and peers for advice.

Uninformed and unprepared, the majority of teens (57%) admit to not enjoying their first sexual encounter with 15% saying they did not use a condom.

The sharp rise in chlamydia rates for teens aged 16-19 shows the safe sex message is being missed.

Sex education begins in NSW in early primary school under the personal development, health and physical education syllabus.

It seems unfortunately, that a good number of parents avoid conversations about sex with their children out of awkwardness. It may be awkward but education and information about safe sex should form part of every young person’s education whether from a city like Sydney or the outback of Australia.