Federal Labor has pledged $1 million towards funding a public abortion clinic. The move follows the closure of a Tasmanian abortion clinic, forcing women to travel interstate to receive surgical abortions.

After the recent closure of an abortion clinic, the funds will help build a stand-alone reproductive health hub. Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek made the statement that Tasmania’s premier had neglected women.

While in Hobart with state opposition leader Rebecca White, Tanya Plibersek said: “Will Hodgman and his government have been spectacularly ineffective in ensuring this vital service is available for Tasmanian women.”

However, the funding does not become available until Labor holds power at the Federal level, with state Labor pledging funding for surgical abortions through the public system if they are elected in the majority.

According to Labor, the new hub will be able to perform up to 250 abortions per year, negating the need for hundreds of Tasmanian women to travel interstate to receive abortion procedures.

Following the closure of a major abortion clinic in Tasmania in late 2017, women’s health groups have claimed that many Tasmanian women may have no other option other than to fly to Victoria for an abortion service.

Tasmania’s incumbent Liberal government has accused Labor of using the sensitive issue of abortion as a political platform to sway voters and has failed in accurately costing the hub. The Liberal government provides financial assistance for women who need to travel to the mainland to receive an abortion.

On March 3, Tasmanians will go to the polls to cast their votes, with victory expected to be by a minor margin.

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