GCAUS is now the only private provider of surgical abortions in Newcastle. In June 2021, a previous provider of surgical abortion in Newcastle, Marie Stopes announced that it would be closing its regional clinics in three Queensland locations as well as in Newcastle, NSW, and transitioning those patients into the public hospital sector as well as to other private providers like Gynaecology Centres Australia

(GCAUS). Marie Stopes officially closed its Newcastle clinic in August 2021 – meaning in NSW it now has clinics only in Sydney CBD (medical termination only), Westmead, and Penrith. 

This move means that Gynaecology Centres Australia is now the only private provider of surgical abortions in Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

The decision made by Marie Stopes, a national abortion provider, was based, according to their own statement, on financial losses and viability considerations for its regional services in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also follows a trend seen in other states over the past few years, particularly since abortion has been more widely legalised throughout Australia and hence offers some level of availability within the public health system. For women in areas not served by an alternative private surgical abortion provider like GCAUS, however, this move is an enormous blow with physical, psychological, practical, and financial repercussions. It means many women have fewer (or no) options for local access to the medical care they need and deserve in these difficult circumstances, with many alternative providers located only in state capital cities.

The Importance of Access to Abortion

According to the World Health Organisation, every woman has the right to determine her own reproductive story – the number, timing, and spacing of her children (and whether she ever has a child or not) and without discrimination, coercion, or violence. Women are also entitled to access relevant information and services for the highest standards of sexual and reproductive health. This includes access to safe, comprehensive, and legal abortion and post-abortion care. 

Worldwide, 30% of pregnancies end in induced abortion, yet almost half of these are carried out unsafely.

Access to abortion is a basic human right. It is a medical consideration with physical, psychological, and emotional ramifications for the woman. 

A woman’s reasons for and the decision to have an abortion are never simple or easy. Women seeking an abortion deserve outstanding care that is confidential, compassionate, and judgement-free. 

Medical abortion is only an option for pregnancies of up to 9 weeks gestation – this dramatically limits the number of women for whom this option is suitable and even then, it is not as successful as the surgical approach to pregnancy termination.

Surgical Abortions in  Newcastle – Gynaecology Centres Australia 

Women deserve fair and equitable access to medical care regardless of where they live – and this includes women’s health and surgical abortion services.

Gynaecology Centres Australia is a private provider of safe, legal, and non-judgemental abortion services. We have five clinic locations, including surgical abortions in Newcastle.

With a core focus on comprehensive, unbiased, and concise information, we offer women a comprehensive array of essential health services including:

  • Surgical Abortion (first trimester up to 14 weeks)
  • Medical Abortion (up to 9 weeks)
  • Contraception
  • Hormone-releasing Intrauterine System
  • Miscarriage Care
  • Menopause Management
  • FemScreen
  • Fertility Advice
  • Cervical Screening Tests
  • Breast Checks
  • Vasectomy for Men

Operating since 1998, we are a team of doctors, nurses, and support staff with the common goal of delivering the care women both seek and deserve in a supportive, understanding environment. 

Women who visit our clinics require no GP referrals and we also offer comprehensive pre-/post- abortion counselling and care. With Gynaecology Centres Australia, you know you are in good hands.


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