When can you get an abortion? Woman with pregnancy test.

When Can You Get An Abortion?

When can you get an abortion? This is a question many women will ask at least once throughout their reproductive lifespan, and there is much misinformation relating to the facts pertaining to this. Women deserve to be properly informed and to have easy access to the healthcare they need. Abortion…

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How to Get an Abortion in NSW - Woman Thinking

How to Get an Abortion in NSW

An unplanned pregnancy can mean different things to different women, and all women deserve to have choices in terms of the outcome of a pregnancy. The decision can be complex and difficult, and options include terminating the pregnancy. If you are wondering how to get an abortion in NSW, abortion…

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Covid and Surgcial Abortions in NSW

Elective Surgery, Covid and Surgical Abortions in NSW

A significant number of health and medical providers have seen their services negatively impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis, including public hospitals in NSW and the ACT. Does this affect surgical abortions in NSW?Unlike many of these, Gynaecology Centres Australia (GCA) continues to be open…

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Telehealth Restrictions – Impact on Women

While many businesses and health facilities have been impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis, Gynaecology Centres Australia (GCA) has remained open for business as usual throughout the pandemic. We are an essential service and, since the crisis began, our doctors have continuously provided our…

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Does Abortion Hurt?

Is an Abortion Painful?

Having an abortion is not a decision that any woman takes lightly. It can be an extremely emotional decision to make, and it’s natural that having decided that an abortion is right for you, you will experience some nerves or concern about the process. One of the most common questions women ask is…

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Gynaecology Centres Australia: Our Sydney Abortion Clinic

Abortion is an emotional and time-sensitive decision for women, and it should not be difficult to access. The current COVID-19 situation, however, has made it less attainable for some women, because of travel restrictions. It’s important to be aware that, as an essential women’s health service, our…

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Newcastle abortion clinic

Where to Get an Abortion in Newcastle, NSW

Where to Get an Abortion in Newcastle, NSW Access to abortion services is a human right, and women in Newcastle, NSW are fortunate to have a top women’s health service on their doorstep at Gynaecology Centres Australia. Our Newcastle abortion clinic provides top quality, compassionate, confidential…

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States Blocking Abortions in the USA

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is affecting every country globally, with significant impacts in all areas of life, including healthcare and access to elective procedures. While Australian women have the peace of mind that abortion is considered an essential service in Australia, this is not the…

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Abortions: Essential Services During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

The current coronavirus pandemic is affecting every aspect of society worldwide, including how we live our day-to-day lives here in Australia. This includes numerous economic, social, health, and personal impacts. Many women are justifiably concerned as to how the COVID-19 health crisis might…

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The Hard Truth About Why Women Choose Abortion

For many people, abortion is a contentious topic. There are few (if any) other medical procedures that are considered as socially controversial within Australia. This is an issue which is important in women’s health. One of the most common things many gynaecologists encounter is the perception and…

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