Abortion is an emotional and time-sensitive decision for women, and it should not be difficult to access. The current COVID-19 situation, however, has made it less attainable for some women, because of travel restrictions. It’s important to be aware that, as an essential women’s health service, our Sydney abortion clinic is open for business as usual and we are here to provide the confidential, compassionate care that you deserve. We have a Covid-19 protocol in place at all practices.

Abortion services are a human right. At Gynaecology Centres Australia, our Sydney abortion clinic provides premium women’s health services.

These include:

  • Surgical Abortions
  • Medical Abortions
  • Unplanned Pregnancy Decision Making Counselling
  • Contraception Advice and Access including the Intrauterine System (IUS)
  • Gynaecology including Cervical Screening and Breast Checks
  • Sexual Health and STI Diagnosis/Treatment
  • Vasectomy for Men

Sydney Abortion Clinic

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy.

For women in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area who seek a first-trimester abortion, we offer this service in our Hurstville clinic. Accessing our services does not require a referral from your GP.

Gynaecology Centres Australia is run by a team of caring, supportive, and experienced medical professionals, including female doctors who are passionate about delivering the very best in women’s health. We firmly believe that it is a woman’s right to decide when and if she has children.

We provide a supportive service which incorporates:

  • Decision-based counselling with all options presented
  • Termination of pregnancy via surgical abortion (or medical if most suitable)
  • Post-abortion contraception advice and access
  • 24/7 aftercare and support as required

We are committed to the optimal physical and psychological wellbeing of our patients at all times.

Things You Need to Know About Abortion

Contrary to popular belief, abortion is a very common procedure in women of all ages up to menopause. Statistically, one-third of women in Australia will have an abortion in their lifetime.

When abortion is performed by a trained and expert doctor who is an expert in this procedure, abortions that are performed in the first trimester are safe, straightforward, and quick to perform. Globally, abortion is ten times safer for a woman than natural childbirth.

Surgical Abortion

Women in Australia most commonly have a surgical abortion. This is available at Gynaecology Centres Australia for up to 14 weeks after the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period.

Surgical Abortion is carried out under a light intravenous anaesthetic (“twilight sedation”) and is a day-only procedure in our clinic, You do not need to go to hospital. This method of terminating a pregnancy has a very low complication rate and is the most successful way of terminating a pregnancy.

Medical Abortion

Medical abortion may be performed up to 9 weeks (or 63 days) after the first day of the last menstrual period. It is less common in Australia than a surgical abortion, but it may be a better option for some women. A medical abortion requires taking medication to end the pregnancy. The abortion process then occurs over the next two to three days. Variable pain and bleeding is expected. It is less successful than a surgical abortion but in some women, may be the preferred option.

At Gynaecology Centres Australia, our doctors will consult with you to discuss your options and advise the best approach to terminating your pregnancy based on how advanced it is, your general health, and other considerations.

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Gynaecology Centres Australia – Sydney Abortion Clinic

As an essential health service, Gynaecology Centres Australia are OPEN.

Our Sydney Abortion Clinic and Women’s Health Service is open as usual and operating at:

Suite 20,

4th Floor

33 MacMahon Street

Hurstville, Southern Sydney, NSW 2220

We are taking the ongoing COVID-19 situation extremely seriously. We have implemented enhanced infection control practices with additional precautions throughout our clinics, over and above our existing infection control policies and practices.

To access an abortion in Sydney, please call our Hurstville clinic on 02 9585 9599 to book a confidential and compassionate consultation.

Alternatively, contact us today via our website here.