Last updated: 28 July 2020

We understand that this is a very stressful time and that there is a lot of uncertainty. Gynaecology Centres Australia is a Category 1 provider and is committed to continuing to provide services to our patients.

We currently do not foresee any significant disruption to our services.

To help ensure the safety of our patients and staff, we are following the guidelines from the World Health Organisation and the Australian and State and Territory governments.

When you contact us for a booking and confirm your appointment we will ask some simple screening questions to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.

We understand that for many of our patients, having a support person is helpful, however, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to adhere to social distancing requirements, only patients may enter the clinic. Your support person will be phoned by our staff 30 minutes prior to you being ready to leave so they can return to pick you up.

All of this is to ensure that we can continue to provide services safely and minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for you, your support person and our staff.

What does this mean for me?

As with all health facilities, we are constantly updating our services to reflect the advice and guidelines of the WHO and the Australian government. If there are any changes, we will contact you and support you through these changes.

If you would like the latest information about COVID-19 including the symptoms and how to keep you and your loved ones safe, we recommend you visit the World Health Organisation website.

If you would like to know more about the unfolding COVID-19 situation in Australia, we recommend you visit the Australian Government COVID-19 pages

For detailed information regarding Covid cases and locations in NSW and where to be tested we recommend you visit NSW Government Covid 19 News.