Whether they have decided the time has come to become sexuality active, they have finished having children or they require assistance for medical reasons such as controlling menstrual cramps, regulating periods and balancing hormones, just about every woman will be faced with choosing a type of contraception at some point in their life. Regardless of the reason behind the decision to opt for the pill or other contraceptive measures, these days the choices are far greater than that of just a couple of decades ago.

One of the great benefits of Australia having such a large range of contraceptive options is that there is an option for virtually every stage of life and something to suit any and all individual circumstances.
It should be stressed that men also have the choice of using contraceptive methods. Options such as condoms, sterilisation and vasectomy are readily available here in Australia and for the right circumstances, should certainly be considered. There are studies taking place which are looking into the possibilities of a male birth control pill. For now, women have a broader range of contraceptive approaches.
Gynaecology Centres Australia can give you full details and unbiased advice on the following contraceptive measures to ensure you make an informed decision, tailored to your individual needs;

Whichever options you are considering, make sure you get the best advice from a qualified practitioner to make sure you are making the right choice for you and your body.

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