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Gynaecology Centres Australia (GCA) is a provider of first trimester pregnancy termination services and abortion services. Since 1998 GCA has offered safe, legal and non-judgemental pregnancy terminations. Our policy is to provide comprehensive, concise and unbiased information, with each patient being individually assessed and counselled prior to her procedure. We aim to deliver a medical service synonymous to a person seeking medical treatment for any other condition. See Surgical Termination for more information.

Medical and Surgical Abortion New South Wales

We also offer the option of a “medical abortion” as an alternate way to terminate early in pregnancy. So at GCA a woman can choose between a “medical abortion” and the more conventional “surgical abortion” methods, provided she fits the medical critera for a medical termination. See Medical Terminations for more information.

At GCA we provide treatment for women who may have an incomplete miscarriage, blighted ovum or foetal demise. This allows a woman to have her procedure performed quickly in a supportive environment and without the need for lengthy admission to hospital.

GCA also offers reliable and effective contraception advice and at some of our centres we also provide general women’s health care, including breast examinations, Pap smears, sexual health, menopause management, weight management, bowel screening, osteoporosis screening, fertility management and postnatal checks. See Femscreen for more information.


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